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Need a Help With Elster account

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    Need a Help With Elster account


    Recently I set up my Elster account a month prior and requested the declaration with the goal that I could employ my assessment (a duty counsel).

    After a few endeavors to sign in with it, I googled and it appears this is a recovery code (whatever that implies), however it's not the code I ought to use to sign in.. About seven days after the fact I got a letter with a code. They said another letter would come, however nothing up until this point, and I wonder what to do on the grounds that I need it to cover my duties and the year is practically finished. Everything is in German and I am overly confounded.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hallo Elliesh7,
    The activation code for the account looks like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX and then there is the call-up code for certificates for the tax return which looks like this: XXXXX-XXXXX. Which one did you get?


      How did you try to register on I suppose you've chosen the Zertifikatsdatei - Für mich (und gemeinsam veranlagten Partner). After entering your data, you'll immediately receive an Aktivierungs-ID per mail, and up two a fortnight later an Aktivierungs-Code in a letter.

      These both codes you can only use once! They are needed to finish your registration. After entering them, you can download the pfx-file, and you have to set a password for using Elster.

      In the first step of the registration, you can request an Abrufcode. This would help you to automatically fill your tax declaration with some data, for instance the data of your salary and the taxes, that were transferred by your employer. In the second step of the registration, you should see not to confuse these three codes, Aktivierungs-ID, Aktivierungs-Code and Abrufcode! You should simply enter the exact code that is required by the online-form.

      You can use the link of the mail wit the Aktivierungs-ID to do the second step of the registration.