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Software or Elster?

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    Software or Elster?

    Elster is just a method of submitting your tax return, not for doing your accounts. Unless you have the simplest imaginable tax return, accounting software is a good idea to guide you through the process. At the end it should give you all the documents in electronic form ready to english news capread submit via Elster (or, if you prefer, print out hard copies for you to send my snail mail or hand in in person). Also Elster is sufficient if you know how things work, that is what all the entries there mean. Create an account (you need to do that anyway if you want to submit online, even through a program, and it takes a while), log into Elster, see if you understand the forms.
    I've used Elster and found it really simple, there is a little help file for each page as well. I'm not sure what people find confusing about it? It seems really clear to me and I don't even speak German very well.
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    AW: Software or Elster?

    A user account at www.elster, de on the Internet is the future. The software Elsterformular will be abolished in 2020.