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Dividends earned in Poland and Anlage AUS

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    Dividends earned in Poland and Anlage AUS

    Good day,

    Perhaps there is already a person who has had to deal with the same stuff that I am dealing with now while filling out the Anlage AUS.

    I am a fulltime employee with the residence and job in Germany, who comes from Poland. I am currently preparing the Steuererklaerung for 2014- my first one ever- and I need to report the capital gain -in fact, loss- and dividends received in Poland on a local stock exchange -when using a Polish brokerage account last year-.

    Dividends were taxed at the corporate level at 19 percent before they landed in my account. Capital gain was a small negative amount for the year, no tax needs to be paid in Poland on this negative number, but I still need to report the amount to the German tax office. Moreover, next year there may be a gain and I want to know how to do this.

    Could anyone be kind and help me out by explaining where exactly to report my numbers on the Anlage AUS?

    Sorry that my message is in English, not in German. Trying my best to improve the language quickly.


    AW: Dividends earned in Poland and Anlage AUS


    it is recommended to visit a tax advisor.
    Here is vorbidden zone of tax advice. Sorry.
    Gruß, Basteltyp

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