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First Elster tax return

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  • Charlie24
    AW: First Elster tax return

    You really use ElsterFormular, the windows program or the web application My ELSTER?

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  • stiller
    AW: First Elster tax return

    no more as you payed tax

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  • webby14
    hat ein Thema erstellt First Elster tax return.

    First Elster tax return

    Hello everybody ,

    I'm just about to make my first tax return, but I'm a bit suspicious "too little" to get back.

    Basic information:

    2 periods:

    01.01-14.09 (Werkstudent) Gross in the period 5.151,52 € Payroll tax: 6.75 €

    15.09.-31.12 (study completed on the 15th) gross: 14,278.37 payroll tax: 2,497

    So total gross (minus 1000 € exchange) 18.429 € and 2505 € payroll tax paid.

    I've also entered everything in the magpie, and the tax calculation says: (with the income tax)

    To be established: 2045 Deduction of salary: -2505 Remaining amounts: -460 €

    The question arises for me:

    can I get back only 460 €?

    If I enter my annual fee in a tax calculator, tax to be paid out of 1011 €. Would not I have to get back about 1500 €?

    Have Magster not searched yet

    Thank you!