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    XML-File hochladen

    I managed to install the ElsterFormular in my machine. However, it looks like that it does not support submission of the actual XML file that we produce here, instead they give you a form where you can update the fields manually and then send it to Elster (see image below).
    Perhaps we can ask from the Elster support on how we can test our XML files. I have tried some of the free software listed on the site as well, but they seem to be of the same format and not accepting XML.

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    Can someone please explain if there is a way that I can test out the report on Elster to ensure my field mappings are correct and that there are no errors?


      Your XML fille is for which kind of tax? For income tax, you'll need a set of libraries (dll/so) called "ERiC". You can only send "Anmeldungssteuern" directly to the "Mein Elster" website (for example, the "Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung").


        thanks for the response. Its for this:

        Preliminary (monthly or quarterly) VAT returns (Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung, often referred to as UStVA)
        • Application for a permanent filing and payment extension (Antrag auf Dauerfristverlängerung) / [USt 1 H]


          You should register as developer ("Entwickler") at the ELSTER developer website. There,you can download the necessary libraries (called "ERiC": DLL for Windows, so for Liniux) and the complete documenation ("ERiC Common Paket").

          In the "Common" package, there is documentation as well as XML definitions and examples. For the UStVA, there are 3 example files which I have provided here for you, but of course, you should register as developer yourself so that you gain access to all the resources provided by ELSTER.



            Thanks for this feedback.
            So what you are saying is still having Elster (USTVA as an example) integrated programmatically using our extension and ERIC's libraries to send the files to Elster. It is still not covering how we can manually submit the XML file. We are developing the elster integration in two phases. the first phase is creating the USTVA XML formats and the second is the actual integration.

            how can we manually upload the USTVA to Elster? is that possible and if so how??


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              how can we manually upload the USTVA to Elster? is that possible and if so how??
              Sure. You log in to the ELSTER website, select "UStVA" and switch to "XML Import" and select your XML file to upload.



                Thanks for this response. We have tried your suggestion (please see attached), . If we try to continue to the next for USTVA, it would prompt us to login again. I have tried to use the Test Certificates that we can download into the login page but it looks like that they are for the integration using ERiC so we cannot use them to login.

                As stated in the previous threads, we were going to integrate with ERiC after we designed the XML, that does not seem possible.

                If there is a way we can test without ERiC, that would be good to know. is that possible and if so is it possible to point me to where the documents are that walk thru this?


                Chris G
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                  I never tried this myself, but I guess you have to use a "real" certificate. After uploading the XML, I'm pretty sure that you can still cancel your upload.

                  About the login problem: Do you have all cookies enabled? Did you already try another browser? Some people do have problems with one browser, while another browser works perfectly.

                  Sorry, but from this point on I'm afraid I can't help any further. If you still have problems, you should contact the ELSTER department via the "Herstellerforum" (software developer forum) at


                    There was just the same question in the ELSTER developer forum. Here is the answer from the ELSTER department:
                    Bei den im Entwicklerbereich angebotenen Testzertifikat wurde das nötige Recht für den Login in Mein ELSTER nicht gesetzt um zu vermeiden, dass die Softwarehersteller hier zentrale Einstellungen in den Accounts verändern (z.B. eine Verlängerung des Zertifikats durchführen, Passwort ändern, hinterlegte Mail-Adresse ändern, etc.).
                    Wir stellen keine personalisierten Testzertifikate für Hersteller aus, sodass sie als Grundlage für die Erzeugung der XMLs auf die Schnittstellendokumentation für die Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung zurückgreifen müssen. Es ist hierbei nur der Nutzdenteil relevant. Sie können auch mit einem Echt-Zertifikat den Import testen. Es wird dabei nur das Formular vorbefüllt, es findet kein automatischer Versand des Formulars statt.
                    Translated with Google Translator, this means:
                    In the test certificate offered in the developer area, the right to log in to My ELSTER was not set in order to prevent the software manufacturers from changing the central settings in the accounts (e.g. extending the certificate, changing the password, changing the stored email address, etc. .).
                    We do not issue personalized test certificates for manufacturers, so that they have to use the interface documentation for the VAT return as a basis for generating the XMLs. Only the useful part is relevant here. You can also test the import with a real certificate. Only the form is pre-filled, the form is not sent automatically.